Saturday, December 27, 2008

Leaving behind my earlier years

As I get ready to embrace my 21st year and leaving behind my 20th , I am happy to be no longer known as a 16 or 18 year old . Very . Because believe me , what most people call the 'sweet 16 or 18' syndrome , never actually happened to me . While most of the girls of my age were sitting hand in hand with their 'soulmates' around the coffee tabes , I was happily sitting at my home dreaming of joining IIT or BITS Pilani or dreaming of celebrating my nex birthday at a hill station or dreaming of... everything in this world .

These things don't have an end. And I am glad that they don't because life is made up of dreams. I was 17 when I joined the college to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer . I never really gave it a thought about how would I feel when I'll be 21 . But now when only a day is left ... I don't know .The feeling is yet to sink in. Suddenly I am feeling so mature . I am both excited as well as anxious . Nervous . I don't know why . It is just like every other birthday . I am just gong to be a year older . But then why I am so nervous this time . I don't know 'nervous' is the right word for what I am feeling at this time or not . Even I don't know what I am feeling now.

It would be a new stage of my life . A new phase will start . Your studies are over and that job phase is started . You actually start living your dreams which you dream of for the whole life. The dream of fulfillin every dream of your parents and family starts in your mind . Till 20 years of age , your family has expectations from you and all of a sudden when you turn into 21 , you start having expectationf from yourself . Would I be able to keep them always happy ? Would I be able to adjust in my future life ? Would I .... There are so many questions in my mind right now for what I want answers .

Some of you might have crossed this phase . I don't know whether you felt this or not. I am feeling this . Some of you know how it is but he or she need not tell me . I'll be more than happy to find it out soon myself .