Saturday, May 30, 2009

Words ........ & Silence .... :)

While returning back from office , I saw some 4-5 children yesterday . They were just like other children who were enjoying there , wearing good clothes , looking great, but the thing which made different from them was that they could not speak. They laughed , they smiled , they talked with their actions . As someone said , actions speak louder than words , it was so true for them as that was the only way they could communicate.

I just felt like how much urge they had in themselves to say things and feel them ... but they were always short of words ... they didn't have words for them . And we have our voice box intact always and still we are short of words every day...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Where would I be .....

I really wish life came with a detailed plan. A list of all the places we'll be at in future in our lives. 10 years back , I would never have imagined that I would be where I am today , physically and mentally both. So much has changed , so much is changing and will keep changing. And now I wonder , where I'll be next ...

How many times do you think like this in a day? Or I am the only creature who keeps on thinking like this stuff? I guess , we all do . I had a long conversation with a friend yesterday about what one would do , if they choose to leave their present day of life. And I realized that I am not the only one worried about where I'll be few years down the line. How will I accomplish all that I want to? Will my current plans work out or life will throw a new ball towards me. In that case , will I have to start all over again ? Something has happened in our family which I could never have ever imagined . The incident has shaken us all. Nothing can be taken for granted. A million of calculations run in my head 24*7 , of what more I can do to better our lives , to give every happiness to my parents. A few bright ideas aside , I am restless. This is not something new with me , but then of late , I feel time is running out and I need a jump start of sorts. I know I am going somewhere , I just don't know where.

Is that the case with most of us out there ? Moving randomly in search of an aim ?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kuch Khaas Hai Hum Sabhi Mein ..... :)

Remember guys the advertisements and their jingles which were all the time on our lips when we were kids...
Yes I am talking about the creative TV advertisements and their jingles... I am not criticizing today's' advertisements but those ads were too good.

Today my friends and I were talking on this and we refreshed our memories with our all time favourite advertisements .

I thought why not I jot them down and keep it with me forever :)

So here are few which I can remember and are and will always be my favourites :)

All time favourite ones...

Dairy Milk .... Kuch meetha ho jaaye: )

Kuch Khaas hai Hum Sabhi mein
Kuch Baat hai Hum sabhi mein...
Khaas hai..
Kya swaad hai...
Zindagi mein...
Remember Cadburies Adv, girl dancing in the center of ground when her boyfriend hits a century . I just lovvvvvvvve that ad. Every time I see this ad , I have a biiig smile on my face.

There must be many more which I might have missed..
But what do you say, got any memories with all this :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

I am in love ......

... And we all are ... with life ... Isn't it ??

While going to office and returning back to home everyday , I notice so many people like me. I hope I don't meet with an accident noticing all these people and not concentrating on driving. Hehe.

I see a bike and on the back of it , is written "I love my bike" , It looks nice and it shows that the guy has something to flaunt about, something that is dear to him. Definitely he enjoys what he has .

Then I see a very small kid going to school in his uniform , laughing alone whole - heatedly. I can see the happiness on his face , his eyes , may be he is happy , thrilled , don't know the reason, but he is happy and runs to meet someone with whom he can share his happiness.

On a little distance , I see a sweeper, with a big dust-bin, cleaning the road, with no expressions on his face. He's neither happy , nor thrilled, nor sad . It is his livelihood . He has to do it, to feed his family , to survive.

I see houses , those small houses , that are homes for some people... near a public loo , where I literally stop breathing when I have to cross it . It is so stinking. But people live there, they eat, they sleep, they wake up there, they laugh there, they cry there, they LIVE there. Its their home, its their 'own' place. Don't know whether they are satisfied or not , but this is it.

I see a man sleeping on a footpath and then I see some one in a chauffeur driven car, enjoying his morning newspaper.

And just a little ahead , I see these big companies like Dulux Paints, Godrej , Dell, Quark City , Hindustan Times , Ranbaxy, where I see myself and many more like me , young, educated, well dressed, having dreams in their eyes. For us , life is so different from the life which is some 100 metres behind...

I think , all of us, no matter what kind of a situation we are in , what kind of a life we are living , doesn't matter whether we are enjoying every moment of it or not.... we love life , we just can't let it go. I am completely in live with life, with people and everything around.

I read this below written quote somewhere, to be precise on Orkut , yesterday .
"I have a habit of changing the channel when a song , that I am enjoying too much , is about to get over because I don't like that feeling, the feeling of the song getting over, a song that I was enjoying so I switch to something else just before the end....I am just worried...'coz when this beautiful song of life will be about to end.....I'lll have no channels to switch to....."

Never mind , its ok . I am enjoying this song. And this is what matters.