Sunday, April 26, 2009

You made my day :)

Each day starts with a smile but today it started with fear , grief . I was feeling bad . I don't know why . Something in my mind was troubling me.

I don't know why , I was feeling frustrated. I just wanted to sit in my room alone for some time and just let go my tears. It does not happen usually but it was a different day today.

Whenever I feel depressed , I listen to songs or just sit alone for sometime . But nothing of these aided me today as I had to rush for office.

After coming to office, as usual , after some work, half day was over.

And after lunch break, a friend called me with whom I had lost touch for quite sometime. Then we both had a brief talk . This talk soothed my heart , put a smile on my face :) It elated me and made my day .

Seriously I am proud of having some good friends , though not many , but I have a real friends who can make my day with a small talk . Yeah , I mean it . This post is dedicated to her, Nandu, who delighted me , brought back my smile . So I am back into my life now :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day Dreaming...

I have this habit of day dreaming . I guess we all do to some extent. But there are people like me who do it a lot. Or over-do it if I might say.

Day dreaming is something which comes naturally to everyone. Especially when you are attending a boring lecture or a faaltu meeting in office. But I always found it as a great way of living up things that you might never get to do. Suddenly you are performing live in a concert along with A.R.Rahman, or you are sky - diving. Suddenly your room is full with chocolates. You can host a show on radio with your favourite R.J or just spend some time with him, you can become a TV show host, a movie critic, an ad guru and just about anything.

Many a times I end up starting a conversation saying, “I want to ..”. I think that is the problem with too much of day dreaming. I can make a long sheet of "want to do's" . If you are a lazy person like me then it can add fuel to fire. And suddenly when more than a few people point out that I am over-doing or doing 'only' that, then it puts me into the thought mode. Does it really affect the success or the lack of it you attain in life? It sure would , if one of these dreams is your goal in life. But what if it is not? Would it still harm you? Should I sit and introspect it ?

My logic is simple. I am never going to get to do any of those things in life (secretly hoping for a miracle though!). So why not feel happy for that brief period of time. But the trick is to keep that time period to be brief. And what is the trick?.... “Pata nahi; Lekin pata chalte hi bata dungi sabko . Hehe :D”.