Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life is like a dream ...

Nishant was fast asleep in his bed. He had a very tiresome day. He felt a soft hand on his shoulder. In some time, the hand was shaking him up, trying to wake him up. He opened his eyes, he thought he must have overslept and his mom would be very wild at him. 

As he opened his eyes, he heard a chorus "surpriseee!!!" . He could see his Mamma and Papa, with a small chocolate cake, with "Happy birthday Nishant" on top. It was his birthday. There were 8 candles on the top, one for every wonderful and lovely year he had lived on this earth. His parents sang "happy birthday to you . May God bless you" with the soft music of Casio which his father bought for him as his birthday gift. One could easily spot his happiness, he was almost grinning ear to ear.

He cut the cake with his small hands. His happiness had no bounds. He quickly made his parents eat the piece he had cut. After the short but very sweet celebration, he was asked to sleep, so that they could enjoy the next day. He woke up, and eagerly rushed through his morning routine. He rushed downstairs. His Mother had prepared his favourite breakfast, aalu parantha with chutney and dahi, just the way his grandmother used to make. His mother taking a day off from work to spend the full day with him was like a cherry on cake. As he sat at the table, he was surprised to see his dad reading newspaper patiently. He had never seen his dad in recent times being so laid back. In fact he hardly got to see him, as his parents used to get off to work before he wakes up and generally back only way past his bed time.

As he sat there having breakfast, he began to plan his day , the places he would like to visit with his parents, the games he would love to play with them. He had so many things to do. He did not want to waste time at all.

Just as he finished his breakfast, the phone rang. It was his grandparents' , calling to wish him. They could easily make out the joy in their grandson's voice. He quickly took his shower, which he insisted that his mom should not help, he was grown up now :D , but she convinced him as she hardly got chance to spend time with her son. He was happy indeed, to see him mom comb his hair. No one took so much interest to make sure the line on his forehead formed at the parting of hairs was perfect or not. He loved it when she chose to be so perfect.

All set he was, for 'his' day.

Just then , he heard a buzzing sound, he could not help but get annoyed . It was not stopping at all. It was some kind of a ring, he realized that it was his alarm and it was morning. Poor child , it was all his dream. He woke up, and yes, it was his birthday. He quickly brushed his teeth and rushed down.

It was just another day. His parents had left already. The maid was busy preparing his breakfast. She wished him a very happy birthday, and handed him the huge collection of presents, which he threw aside and got ready for his school not showing his disappointment.

As he walked past the playground and watching lots of kids playing, he saw a person singing on the road a song called ... 

"Life is like a dream"