Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And Then It Rained ...

5 pm . Going back to home, under a dark cloudy sky. Huge balloons of clouds about to burst. A group of children going back from school reminds you of your 'good old' school days. You suddenly miss all those came and went and taken-for-granted joys of your life.

And then it rained....

Thick drops of water falling down my glasses. An aquatic world everywhere. A small kid racing past his cycle in a dirty yellow raincoat. The old man selling hot challi(bhutta) to people. Professionals leaving their offices . Frogs croaking from the nearby 'pond' . The shelter less dog on the road . The chai shop does brisk business.

Suddenly you remember all those days which had a weather like this and when all those incidents happened. All those rainy treks, fights, dancing in the rain, talks, walks.

Rains have this thing. It brings out the riot of colourful memories. You remember the time when you felt so relieved as Papa reached home by the first streak of lightning. You remember the great times when you enjoyed chai -pakora in the veranda. You remember the times when your tuition classes or school classes cancelled due to the rains or the times spent with your friends . Those beautiful memories ..... :)

It is so true when they say that the best thing you can do when it is raining is to let it rain ... :)