Saturday, January 16, 2010

Signs ...

Do you believe in signs? I am not really sure if I do. I had few incidents that made me stop believing in them, thinking that a decision or a feeling could possibly be taken or felt depending on random signs, that "just happened" to match the thought which you had earlier.

But how come that, sometimes a thing happens that you don't give a lot of thought. And then, it happens again, so you pay attention to it. And then that forces itself to show up once more, so it finally attracts your curiosity. And just like that, it gets a spot in your awareness of surroundings. The thought stops . So you wonder but you do not over do it , until it comes back but this time, with some signs , all related to the subject but in different forms. Wouldn't you think... what does this mean ?

So do I believe in signs? I don't know... I am very tempted to... I would like to believe so... , despite the fact how misleading they could be, I am attracted to the thought.