Friday, January 30, 2009

Living The Moments...

There are several moments in life, when you feel life... just enjoying it. You don't do anything, just let your mind render and live with the moment which would last forever in your mind.

Yeh honsla kaise jhuke,
Yeh arzoo kaise ruke....

The song from the movie 'Dor' was playing in my cell phone . The only other sound was the sound of rain drops falling upon the trees. It had been raining for the whole day. There was darkness all around. Complete silence. A beautiful song playing in my phone, beautiful weather, raindrops falling!! Wow!! Next day's office was the last thing on my mind.

There are so many beautiful and simple things to think about. I had read an article 'Simplify' some days back somewhere. The same was coming to my mind at that time. I realized that we often fail to see the beauty of such simple moments , simplicity.

The song kept talking of moving-on in life, no matter what. But moving on what? Its moments like these that refresh you, give you the strenght to keep on moving. You just have to shut your eyes and let everything be - "for a moment".

"There is no happiness, there are only moments of happiness"

Monday, January 26, 2009

What is Life ... ???

Past few days... went easily. But how they passed was unimaginable .

I was having a random conversation with my friends and suddenly one of my friend asked me...
"Ekku, what is life?"

I was completely shocked, not because she asked me this thing... The reason was... I could not explain it to her . I was totally speechless . Since then , this question is roaming in my mind... "what is LIFE?"

I asked some of my friends. One said: "It is a part of eternal cycle, you can't stop it."

Another said: "Life is a joke!"

One of my cousins said: "Itni tension kyun le rahi hai yaar... Tere jaanne ke baad kisi ne tujhe yaad nai karna... "

But I wasn't able to get proper explanation of 'LIFE' ...

We are here because our parents wanted us here. Our parents want us to be successful in any field we step in.

World outside our homes is running . Everyone wants to live, wants to live a 'successful life' , even when they know they have to go some day ...

But I think its just that we all have to try and enjoy our stay in this world... Is this the true explanation of life , I don't know ... The question still remains in my mind.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Priceless Memories...

I remember very clearly, 8th of August 2005, my first day at college. I missed my bus. Yes, I missed my bus on the very first day of college. Somehow, I reached there in time. I was standing outside the Newton block, silently observing the proceedings around me, trying to get the 'feel' of the place , observing new faces, new place, new teachers, new building, everything new.

Classes started. A little bit of confusion over the section allotment. I was seated amongst 'strangers', who would soon become our best friends, with whom I was going to spend my four most wonderful years of my life. Meenakshi Ma'am comes in, first class!! And then started the tiresome procedure of coming up and introducing ourselves to the class, one by one, in each and every lecture. The first day got over with just formal introduction.

Studies quickly gained momentum. And so did the friendship bond among us. We started becoming each other comforts, sharing deepest of sorrows and joys. All this while developing a relationship called friendship which would last forever.

Friendship was in full swing and so was the college life. Ah yes, there were seniors and ragging too. I was asked to give my lunch to 'Sir' and 'Ma'am' for two weeks. Haha. But that was fun too. Pata bhi nai chala, exams aa gaye. Sincere studies started. Did my best. Time flew by rather too fast. Then came the tech fests, events, semesters, trainings, workshops.... Three years gone. Now final year going on. Only one semester left. That too training semester. No more college :(

Hmm...Where did the time go? Someone great has said, " No matter how long and difficult the journey is, it seems rather easy when you have some great friends to walk with". And just how true it is. I had Anu and Pallu with me. In these 4 years, we have been through lots of ups and downs.Some good moments and something terrible happened. I lost my best friend Jaspreet in an accident. But they both were with me standing by my side. There have been moments which I would never forget, like those nights at Anu's home and mine's, how we would chat for such long hours only to realize that its morning. Haha. There were moments that would have broken me, had you, my dear dear friends Anu and Pallu, not been there with me. No doubt, it is because of my great friends that I didn't realize just where did the time go. This is LIFE - great friends, great journey, unforgettable moments, priceless memories. Sad that they are over now.

Its not just my friends that I'm going to miss, but also my classmates, my batch mates, my friends in my bus. These are the faces which I have been seeing 5 days a week. These are the voices which I have been hearing daily for the past 4 years. I am so used to them. There 'is' a bond. I will miss my daily routine, Anu's SMS to me every morning, sitting in canteen, in lawn, sleeping with eyes open (Yes!! you read it write. I can sleep with eyes open), jotting down the notes, having good times. Heck ! Now this college won't open for us. I always wanted these days to end soon but now when they have actually ended, I am already missing them.

Oh! Its hard to say Goodbye. We'll miss each other terribly. This is the place where some found their first crushes, some found their true love, some made great friends (like me) and some(again like me) had their first fight. Haha. I fought for the first time here. I got to know here that I don't have at all patience. Got to know here that I am so short tempered. I got this name ' hyper' here. Haha. This is the place where I lived, I laughed, I cried, I comforted, I teased. This is the place where I GREW UP. I'm gonna miss this place a lot, for sure.

Hey Its alright Ekam. Human beings are emotional creatures and no bigger emotional fool than me. Go ahead cry out a tear. Cry out a tear for your friends, for the priceless moments which you have shared with them. Its completely worth it. Do remember your friends and miss them and when you do so, let them know. College is over and we won't be able to see each other regularly, but whenever we'll feel alone, we'll remember that there is a friend who cares for us and loves us and who will be there by our side, no matter what. And that would bring us to our most innocent smile :)

Cheers to life. Cheers to friendship. Cheers to Electrical Engineering 2005-09 Batch. Love you all my friends, miss you al. Keep loving each other. Love you a lots.