Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday ... :)

My blog and I turn 1 and 22 respectively today on Dec 28th  ... :)

Its birthday time ... :)

Happy birthday to my dearessssstttttttt blog ... :)

A very beautiful poem by my friend Vishal ...

On your birthday

Celebrations ! Merry time for all we chums
Felicitation! For the special day yet again comes
Every year the day comes with that aging cue
My heartily congrats to you Eku on turning twenty two
Its not a matter of those piling up years
But the jocund time with all your near and dears
For it's the time to cherish the friends precious and rare
For the ones who dare for you, for the ones who care
In the world of fancies, joviality and fay
With a heart filled with mirth, still so young and gay
With richness and beauty all your moments be rife
With all fun and joy, may you live a longer happy life
Happy birthday

Thanks Vishal for this beautiful poem :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Title nu maaro goli ... jo marji soch lo title ...

When some things happen or someone says something unexpectedly or innocently, you cannot help but laugh at the situation. A similar incident happened with me last evening.

I wen to my tailor yesterday. She had stiched a suit of mine but there was a minor problem with the suit's neck. So I went there to get it altered and then what Aunty told me was this .... "Eku , shaam ko aa jana . Gala kaat ke haath mein de dungi" :D 

P.S ... This is a repeated post. I have republished it. Why? That I don't know. Main yeh pagalpan karti rehti hun :P

P.P.S ...Sorry for not commenting on your posts these days. I am not at home and I am not able to comment on your posts from here. I'll be back soon to your blogs. Take care :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A quote to share ...

"I have a habit of changing the channel when a song , that I am enjoying too much , is about to get over because I don't like that feeling, the feeling of the song getting over, a song that I was enjoying so I switch to something else just before the end....I am just worried...'coz when this beautiful song of life will be about to end.....I'lll have no channels to switch to....."

Friday, December 4, 2009

Silent Conversations .... :)

Priya lost her voice at a very young age. She was attacked by some strangers and in the process they ruined her vocal box. Her mother cried when she came home all bloodied and bruised. Her mother began to weep when she opened her mouth to say something, but nothing had come out. She struggled to speak her feelings, to tell the world how she felt. She tried so hard to get her vocals back, she tried so hard to tell someone how she felt, but they didn’t know what she said.

Inside her mind she could scream when she was angry. Inside her mind she could laugh when she was happy. Inside her mind she could cry when she was sad. Inside her mind she could sing along to songs when she heard their familiar tunes. Inside her mind she could speak of her deepest feelings and secrets. But only inside her mind.

“Hey,” he said as he sat next to her on the  bench .She gave him a smile of acknowledgment as she watched the grass sway with the wind and the birds fly across the sky. They did this everyday, sitting and looking at everything around  them , enjoying the beautiful nature God has created. 

“Did you know today’s the last day that the birds will be here until next year?” Amit said as he heard them sing while passing by. She looked at him in shock and then waved to flying birds.

“Why?” she silently asked waving her hands.

“Migration, soon it’ll be too cold for the birds to survive here. So they fly off to somewhere warmer where they’ll be happier,” he said answering back the question he knew she asked. She gave him a nod of understanding and looked at the empty trees. She frowned at the quietness of the trees. He watched her eyes and read her emotions like an open book. Priya and Amit were friends for 3 years now. Amit could very easily understand what Priya wanted to say every time . If only she opened up a little more he could read the words she felt. She pointed to the empty field and looked at him with the frown still on her face.

“It’s empty” she silently stated.

“Yeah, it is empty without the birds, but they come back every year,” he smiled. She tilted her head as questions raced through her head. Her eyes continued to stare into his in hope. Could he hear her? She pointed to the bare trees.

“It’s dull,” she silently stated again this time waiting for his answer. He stared at her with his eyebrows raised.

“I know, but the trees become dull so that when winter comes, everything can be white and covered in snow. It’s just as beautiful as golden and red leaves in autumn,” he said answering the statement her eyes said. She looked at him with a shocked expression.

“Can you hear me?” Priya asked screaming in silence. Amit only smiled and nodded his head.

“Only if you tell me,” he said. She gave him a wide smile and told her stories which she always wanted to share with someone with her eyes :)

P.S  It is for the first time that I have written a story. Do tell me , how is it and should I try writing a story again? And please suggest a title to this post.