Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bas yaar ....

How many times has it happened with you that you call someone and you have nothing to say and just to extend the conversation , you say " aur bata ... kya ho ra hai "

It's happening with me very much these days ... Actually it always happen with me. When I have nothing to talk, I invariably repeat this line "aur bata" again & again. And the reply is also the same from everybody ... "bas teekh hai yaar" , "bas chal ra hai" or just "bas" :D

There have been times when we speak this line for endless times and then follows a silence , when persons on both end wait for the other person to speak up :D

In the end, it ends with ... "chal teekh hai phir ... milte hain. .. main call karti hun tujhe kuch din mein. Chal bye :D


PULKIT said...

:D but kal aisa nahi tha...we had so much to talk!!!!!!!!!

Saad Shaikh said...

hehehee.. yeah.. happens with me too..

most of the time its just 'aur bata kya haal chaal hai?'.. :P

Ekam said...

Yeah I know.. Happens with me a lot! :D