Thursday, October 15, 2009

Strangers or Friends ?

What would you be ? Would you be popular ? Or would you be right ?  I have seen people faking themselves just to be popular . That difference between real and fake is lost in trying to be popular.

Faking a smile , an expression of joy , happiness when actually you are not ,a familiarity with people who you really don't know. Isn't that all faking? And to tell you the truth, I’ve done it too. But friendships? Friendship can't be faked. At least, not by me. But then , I’m not popular either. And not as desperate as some one who would like to notch up a few points on the popularity chart to actually fake a friendship.

You throw parties for strangers, welcome them with the best of cuisines served in the most expensive cutlery , open your house to those strangers, show off your furniture and what-have-you and indulge in some "aww-so-sweet-of-you" conversations - just so that you can call those strangers 'friends'.

It’s the desperation to be seen with the rich and the famous of your city, to have your name on the invitation list of the high profile parties in town. Don’t mislead yourself to believe that any of that is friendship because friendship isn’t about enjoying those meaningless conversations or mouthing the ‘right’ words. It’s not about using someone’s contacts for your benefits . It’s not about popularity.

I got this SMS from a friend some days back...

"Friendship is about standing up for a person , about wishing him well , about treating him as more than fodder for gossip . It’s about being able to laugh at somebody’s face and not behind his back . It’s about knowing how you’re different from your friend and accepting him for who he is . But not accepting him for what he is because he’s rich and famous . It’s about being able to tell him he’s your friend , without the fear of your name being struck off the invitation list to his party."

I may not be popular, but I hope I’ve been a friend :)


Anoop said...

nice SMS...

n yea abt the fakin thing.. we cant stop it.. every1 does it in one way or the other u see...

ok i agree that ther mite b ppl who jus need popularity.. but every needs popularity too.. at least to an extent..

haf fun

Rachana Shakyawar said...

Beautiful Post!

- Sugar Cube - said...

Ahhan ..nice one Ekam!
And who is that jerk throwing parties for strangers? :|

Friendships cannot be faked nor forced.A forced friendship is fake too.

I'm not popular either.And then , again..being popular is a relative term.I'm popular among my friends and thats what counts & matters to me.Completely love the attention :D

I'm sure you are wonderful friend to the ones that you are =)
Liked the msg.

HaRy!! said...

hmm yeah.. yu can even fake a smile...but never friendship i guess!! sure yu are a good blog frnd..:) tak care

Anu...:) said...

Nice post.
Yeah seriously,there are people who tell tall tales of friendship,but themselves don't have the strength to understand what it really means.There are people,who say rubbish things about someone particular,but it turns out that the someone particular is their 'friend'!
There are people who are friends just for the sake of tag of being popular as you mentioned.
But we need such people too...coz when we get too meet such 'friends'...then only we would understand...who the real friends are! :)

RSV said...

What a post ekam di
words just flew out of your pen(oh keyboard)
true, i aspire 4 friends dat 2 true
i think i wil display it on my wal of fame
happy diwali

Saad Shaikh said...

Ekam.. that was nice.. :)

I agree when you say popularity erodes the layer of being right.. true..

and don't worry.. I am sure you've been popular and right as well.. :D

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Ekam..

very veryy sensitive topic and u have narrated it very nicely ..

i loved the message frm ur frnd..that was something out of a wide understanding about the freindship..:)

popularity has nothing to do with frndship..we shd be frnds irrespective of how popular we are ..

Good post..

Singh Amit said...

loved the post very much... :)
Nicely written.. :)
I would just add...
"Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.. :)"


vishal jindal said...

so hav i seen;
so hav i been;
a thought provoking post n a confession time for donning stupidity and hypocrisy and gettin lost in that fakeness...
tc.. :)

Jaunty anima said...

Ahh....absolutely...loved "about treating him as more than fodder for gossip" part of it!!

Fakeness hath its fall...m sure!!But true friends will stand by you forever:)

vishal jindal said...

wish u a very happy diwali
May dis festival of light brings peace, happiness and prosperity to u n ur family ...
enjoy :)

RSV said...

With utmost satisfaction, i would like to inform you that this post of yours has been selected as a suiting piece to honor my newly installed wall of fame.
So, I would like you to take out some of your precious time and gimme a small writeup introducing this post in about 40-50 words to mail
I would also appreciate it if you could nominate some more posts(including yours) which can be pinned up on my wall.

yours truly

Sans said...

ekam...this is such a wonderful post.
PS: i tagged u.

Sans said...

oops. u have already done that tag. but it's ok. i'm only introducing u to my visitors.

The unsure ascetic said...

Wow, How thoughtful! The world will be a netter place if we get a few definitions right isnt it? But vanity is embedded in our system. Gr8 observation,

Pesto Sauce said...

Friendship is gift of God

If you have more friends you have more blessings

Ekam said...

Yes. But as you said , to an extent.

Thanks dear :)

@Sugar Cube
Exactly. That's what I am saying. Being popular among frnds and being frnds to be popular with someone 'popular' are two different terms.
And of course, we all know , you are our blogosphere's Page3 girlie :)

Thanks Hary :)

Agree to the point sweetie :)

Ekam said...

Thanks for the appreciation :)

Yeah. I hope so too I am a good frnd to my frnds :)

Thanks dear :)

Thanks Amit :)

Ekam said...

We all have seen. We all have been. That was a confession from my side too. I too have faked at some point in my life. And I think each one of us does that , but to an extent.

Thank you so much. That's very sweet of you. I have mailed you some of the posts which I like. Hope you like them too and they find their place in your wall of fame :)

Thanks :)
Yeah. I have done that tag. Thanks for tagging me .

@The unsure ascetic
I am glad that you liked it :)

@Pesto Sauce
I agree. Thanks for visiting my page:)

RSV said...

I dint get your mail yet :(

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Very nice post :)

I was thinking it is one of those common posts( Courtesy: The post title) but later on , after reading it was refreshing in someway. May be u ahve written some good stuff over this blog, so i have to come over again to read them sometime :p

BTW u got a nice name (Ekam) which actually i thought is a name of a boy.

Anyways surprises make life beautiful :)

See you around gal ;)


Harini said...

lovely post... True true friends stand by you forever and I believe if a friend is ready to desert u, then that person wasnt your true frnd to begin with.

I do hope u visit ma blog some time :).

Arnav said...

Nice post :)

99 % of the society is on a hunt for fame, that desire to be popular .. but I so agree with you , relations are so divine .. Its so wonderful to be a good son, friend, husband rather than being popular by sporting a fake smile , a fake happiness...

Keep Writing and Smiling :)

Ekam said...

I hope you have got it now.

Haha. The post title is the most difficult part of blogging for me, even more difficult than writing the post :D
I hope you come again:)
Thank you. People usually think Ekam as a boy's name. So no surprises this time :D
See you. Take care :)

Thank you :)
I am following your blog sweetie. I loved your stories :)

Very true. Relations are divine and we should let them as they are. Thanks for visiting :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

I know title is the most diff part and its true for me too.

Will be around reading ur stuff...


Shruti said...

Hey Ekam, Visit my profile :)
Something is waiting for you!

Dhanya said...

I hate HATE fakesters (If that's a word)! I can't literally stand them...

Just for attaining something, they try to be all fake.. UGHHHH