Monday, November 2, 2009

Those were the best days of my life... :)

This one's for all of them who will never go back to school again . . . 


Sitting in my room and staring at the picture of my school group photo at the wall in front of me , I was actually looking at the wonderful collection of memories of those years. Those ordinary moments that I had spent in those 12 years...the moments which now seem so special ! Colg days are special but school days have always been more special to me than colg days.

The years spent in my school were clearly the most treasured ones. All those years we had been wanting to grow up and now that we finally have, we wish if we were small toddlers going to that school again....Each and every smallest function or event is vividly embedded in my memory.

Those jokes... regardless of how silly they were which I know now, seemed so funny at that time. Those little arguments with seem so sweet. Every punishment is now bearable and every scolding now rings like a song ! I know some of my classmates, who even weeks after passing out of school, would just wait and wander around the school or simply
stand and look at the school building. I do that too when I go back to my city where I lived , where I studied . We still ask each other of the simplest of excuses to go back there again.

I miss my teachers....the juniors and even the classrooms where we once had the most enjoyable times. I miss the morning assembly and that 2pm bell which announced our 'freedom' from school....only now, I would exchange that freedom for anything, to be back in that same classroom :(

I miss those fun-filled recess times and those painful exams. I miss those last night studies and those after-exam "aaah's" and "oh no's". I miss those competitions in the school where each had to outdo his or her best friend. I miss those Sports days and those Annual days. I  miss so much of that everything which was my life for those 12 years, which I had to let go in so short a time.

Those 12 years seem so short now like a dream that just blinked out! I can see myself and my friends making every attempt to keep some share of those priceless memories and we still do that on Facebook or Orkut. I remember a friend of mine uploading a school picture on Facebook some months back and almost whole of our class was commenting on that picture.
That was sweet. One picture brought the whole class together :)

Memories....Scrabooks....Diaries....Photographs and what not ! 

And the farewell ceremony....Oh how tearful it was ! And then someone had said,"Hey, do you realise that this is the last function of our school life ?" Everybody turned to him...glaring, as if to say, "Yeah, we knew that! But thanks for reminding that piercing truth. Huh! :X"

Why can't life be like my DVD player? You can just 'rewind' from here !" 

For me, those years are priceless. I can just not forget those days.
In the words of Bryan Adams, "Those were the best days of my life . . . "

And although I wish that all our lives are happy and enjoyable . One thing is for sure : Life was never the same again . Life will never be that good again . Never !

Miss those days so much :(
But cherish those years, those memories :)


Rahil said...

Really those were the best days of my life too..

i miss a, i miss b, i miss c...i miss everything about it.

Ahh whenevr i read such things my brain immediately responds by displaying hundreds of such beautiful moments i had in my school..oh god i miss it badly !!

Every thing u wrote above is exactly how i am feeling rite now..and do cherish those years and those memories !

vishal jindal said...

how sweet n how true :)
i can identify myself with every line of yr post..its like, somethings are universal irrespective of gender, region and time. memories have poured in my mind as flood and m sort of overwhelmed by now ..missing it..loving it. very gud post..kudos!

- Sugar Cube - said...

Oh..we ALL miss SCHOOL days!!

And I miss farewell the most only because I didn't get a single pic clicked :P I still have no clue why that is..but that's the only reason I want the farewell back :D

Rohini Prasanth said...

Rightly said Ekam. School days were so innocent and so fun..

Weird part is, I have changed so many schools, I do not always remember my classmates and friends, but I never forget the good and bad parts of years spent at that school. Dramas, skits, dances, elocutions, punishments .. oh what fun!

AJai said...

"Those jokes... regardless of how silly they were which I know now, seemed so funny at that time. Those little arguments with seem so sweet. Every punishment is now bearable and every scolding now rings like a song !"

I just had to highlight that!

Ya, school was great. funny how life is... when u are small u can't wait to grow up. and when u're grown u wish u had stayed small. why is it like that? and that too for everyone!

Anonymous said...

i passed out of school good decade back and trust me nothing comes like that.

the entire last 3 months of school life i kept thinking that this days are not going to come back.

i agree with u that the school days indeed are best.

Singh Amit said...

Sweet post... :)
Made me to remind my school-days...the memories of those day are indeed as a treasure to me...The silliest incident turns out to funniest one now...Even the most smallest thing like new pen, new notebook gave immense happiness in those days...I too feel that school days were the best days...
however, it is also a fact that retrospection makes things more brighter and colorful... :)

Abhishek Khanna said...

mujhe bhi school ki yaad aa gai :( :(

Being Pramoda... said...

U reminded me of the most beautiful days of my in school...

those frnds..gossips..studies..exam...progress days... holidays..competitions...hmmmm...what nt to say?

every memory is still fresh ..:) Thaks Ekam..

HaRy!! said...

sure yes...made me feel nostalgic now!! wish life was a blu ray player...more quicker to rewind it :D...glad yu had a whale of time!

Pri said...

im sure each and every one of us can relate to this post..
wish there was a rewind and fast forward button to life :(
but then on second thoughts, maybe we would have spoiled the player by using those two buttons too much :)
[dont take the above line in the literate sense..dig a lil deeper and ul know wht i mean)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

I think everyone out there has the same feelings as u have for school days.
Same here with me too.

If i plan to write on this topic, i may end up writing the same( more or less).

Its really amusing to remember all those days when everything seemed so serious but now it all looks so silly to me.

Nice post :)


Thousif Raza said...

that was so very sweet, ah you took me a way back down memory lane, thx yaa :)

take care and keep writing...........

Stupidosaur said...

Ah I am jealous of you!
I changed 5 schools till class 10 :P

Not much strong nostalgia of one single fond place. Spent little bit of life here and there!

Ekam said...

Yeah.. everytime I read those moments , those memories .. all my beautiful days come to my mind. Thanks :)

Thanks :)

@Sugar Cube
Oh same here yaar. I don't have a single picture of our farewell either :(

Yeah. That was all so fun .. Miss those days :(

Thanks for the comment. Glad that you liked it :)

Exactly. Nothing comes like that. I've just completed my colg but those memories of my school are far more remembered than of colg:)

Thanks :)

Mujhe bhi :(

You're always welcome dear.. :)

I did :)

I can totally understand what you are saying here. Thanks for coming here :)

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Oh! I was in the same school from nursery to class 11 ! I guess that's why all this :)

Mads said...

really nice post....made me remember my school a lot. college isnt even half as much fun as school.. :(
liked that line abt life being like a DVD true !!
good post :)

Shas said...

Yes they were the best times. I can't forget carry heavy bags to school which was much bigger and heavier than me, sharing tiffin, uniforms(how we hated the monotony then)....