Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Reading Param and Pulkit's blog, I always thought that one day I would also write some poetry. So started writing some days back but without any 'inspiration' . Hehe. But hard luck. I wonder I'll ever write a poem in future or not!

Thinking of writing poetry

I sat like Newton under a tree
To get some inspiration from things around
But I didn't find one, sweet and sound
No matter how hard I thought
I didn't get a word to wrote
When my whole page left blank
I didn't know whom to scold & whom to thank
For giving me pen , paper & mind
But not an idea of any kind!
Still I waited for some inspiration
To complete my poem with satisfaction!


PULKIT said...

humour generates as and when,
you start taking a steep turn
with not much in hand!
its obvious that u can seldom return!

same goes with poetry... its nothing but jumbling of words to frame a thought in a rhythmic manner!
its not an issue to go with the theme,
or in all cases.. rhyme scheme!
impact is what matters on the reader
that lasts more than just words and phrases!


pls open ur comments for all eku,remove comment moderation, only then u will get the courage to face criticism be it just or unjust and be bold enough to express anything u feel... faith here is the name of the game!

love u!

Ekam said...

I have done it Pulkit . Thanks:)