Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tagged ....

Ok... I am tagged by Anurag. First, I didn't know what this 'tagging' means. So now that I know what it is, here goes my list. I have to answer the questions with only pictures.

The age you will be on your next birthday:

A place you would like to travel to :

Your favourite place :

My room... :)

Your favourite food :

Jeere wale aloo ... Spicy ... I love jeera aloo ... Yummy!

Your favourite drink :

Mango shake and Lassi. Everybody say that you feel sleepy after drinking lassi or mango shake but I don't . Haha. I can live on lassi and mango shake for the whole day :D

Your favourite pet :

Your favourite colour combination : All colours :)

Your favourite piece of clothing :
Sari :) Though I know that if I wear it, I'll fall at the second step :D. But I love it:)

The town in which you live :

Mohali ....

Your dream job :

Umm... may be owning all these companies one day ... This is called day - dreaming :D

Your all time favourite song :

"Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum.. " ... I love this song.

Ok... So this is done. Thanks Anurag for tagging me. Now I tag Pulkit, Param , Adi , Shalki and every person who is reading this post:)


PULKIT said...

means what... I too will have to write about these questions kya? ...


paramveer said...

is it some technical event??.......,,,
i m nt getting it on my bloggers profile
or just for fun 1 person say u that i hv tagged u and now give answers

scrap me in details....surely i'l participate with fun...mazza ayega.....he he.....:)


Ekam said...

Yes Param & Pulkit. You have to write about the same and then you can tag some other person who you want to and then continue the chain

Anurag said...

good work done ekam!! the answers seem really honest and candid.. thnx for keeping the chain going..:)