Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feeling special ... :)

When a "why-did-the-Dalhousie-fun-filled-4-day-trip-end" gets into your mind , a compliment is never overlooked; a compliment is neither overlooked on other days as well :P

A friend asked me to give her a call and the first think she said was "Yaarrrrrrr I missed you sooooooooo much. Its so nice to hear your voice after such a long time."
Awww... Don't know if she really meant it or not, but it made my day after a half gloomy day and that's what matters :D

Hearing friends say that they miss you is something that can make anyone feel special and elated:)


Saad Shaikh said...

haan yaar.. exactly.. when someone says they missed you.. it feels awesome.. ;)

and also you get a kind of feeling where you have that 'special' place in a person's heart..

I wish someone said me they missed me.. :P

- Sugar Cube - said...

*smiles* :)

( we use emoticons so frequently na ? I'm just mentioning I really smiled :P )

I always crave for these moments.It could be anybody - a long lost friend or the one you talk to everyday , a cousin , relative ..just anyone ! Feels awesome to know that you were missed =)

Enjoy your day!

I adore such posts.These tiny lil things make so much of a difference in our life , isn't it ? And to be writing/readng bout it makes it memorable.

Ekam said...

@Saad ... Exactly! It feels great.

Ekam said...

@Sugar Cube..
Same here. We usually take these small moments for granted. These are the moments where u can have a smile on ur face which can end ur day peacefully.
I love reading all these small moments.Feels like I am living the moments:)

http://whysoserioustoday.blogspot.com said...

beautiful template u have :)
really soothin :)
loved it :)

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

couldnt agree with you more..and Dalhousie is a wonderful place.. :) been there twice..

Ekam said...


Thanks :)


It indeed is:)

paramveer said...

its great feeling to know that some1 miss u.hope a lot of ppl are missing me this time!!..:(

Ekam said...

There are a lot of people who are missing you; your family , your friends:)

IndianPundit said...

Hey Ekam

You wrote:

""Hearing friends say that they miss you is something that can make anyone feel special and elated:)""

Totally agree......priceless.


Shas said...

Its so true. It acts as an instant mood lifter.

kasabiangirl said...

Came to your blog via the Bombay blogger and I'm glad I did :)

I like hearing those words too..always brings a smile to my face when a friend misses me..Nice post and good thoughts :)

Ekam said...

@Indian Pundit
Thanks for visiting:)

It does. Totally agree with you:)

Thanks dear:)

Shiv Kumar said...

I like hearing those words from my friends...totally agree wth u ..:)

Ekam said...