Saturday, August 29, 2009


Different journeys and different paths are what we all have. All meant to learn some things but never meant to stay ever. For some , this journey is quick, for some slow. And when this ends, some realize the true essence of this journey, the purpose behind it.

I used to see my Papa , and still I do, working so hard in office and at home to support our family. My life was very simple.. school-homework-back to home- sleep. This was MY life. As time went be and responsibilities increased, my perception changed. It keeps changing every time. Really. You meet some people. You loose them midway. The ones who stayed back were destined to. Their lives seen by me, a new perception, my perception. My journey started when I was born. I saw it when saw the sun for the first time, the stars, the moon, felt the breeze. Felt a feeling of security inside me when I held Mamma's hand while crossing the road, enjoyed my outings, the first time I realized how it feels to be attracted to someone.

Its like a book, just the chapters keep on changing. I was never a person who could think about life in little things. But now I am. I see life in small things, small gestures like a smile, a handshake, a hug, a pat on my shoulder, a tear in somebody's' eyes when we meet after so many months. I feel it. Its wonderful.

I am going to start my new journey , a new phase in my life very soon. I would start working in some days. I am happy, my family is happy. But still somewhere I wonder, am I happy with what I am? How often do I feel frustrated? What makes me happy? What makes me sad? At this very moment, the thoughts I have and the way I evaluate my life is a perception. Its a point of view that only I can have, almost certain that no one else will seethe world exactly the same way as I do.


Sourav !!! said...

Ekram this is life ! with feelings and experiences we keep moving on as long there is no one/thing to bblock our way !

Anyways it's a lovely blog out here ... following you now...wud be here more often now :)

If you don't mind you can come back to mine and follow too (which you should, in case you don't wanna be sued) :P said...

good to read tht u find beauty in small thngs as most of the ppl miss it ... n are not even aware of wat they r missing ... n abt u being happy ... big ques... as we dunno if v r real happy or not ... bt try n make others smile as mch as u can ... thts gives a real pleasure :)

- Sugar Cube - said...

Its a point of view that only I can have, almost certain that no one else will seethe world exactly the same way as I do.

Well said! Its true.
Life changes & so does our views.
But I hope you find out what makes you the most happiest as early as you can.Its the most imp thing to know :)

And its great to see life in small things!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey..good post with true flavour of emotions.

**Its a point of view that only I can have, almost certain that no one else will seethe world exactly the same way as I do.

So well said..yes, no one would see in the same way that u do..:)

Keep expressing!

Amit414@ITBHU said...

Nice introspective post... :)

Life is journey without any destination.

"I see life in small things"
i do agree and i think life is in moments, not in years. when Life is in moments,, Do you feel that it would have any purpose ? And, then what is the requirement of any purpose?

This is our purpose coloures spectacle that make us to see a purpose in life. But Rationaly, life has no purpose.


rohit mishra said...

since u know, now make sure that few years down the line, u are exactly the same person what always wanted to be...
EKAM, take care and have a great life....

its all fun ahead...

R S said...

life is perhaps too sweet to give us different experiences..change is inevitable and inevitable is change...
i mean you are the first person i have seen in the blogosphere with so simple and complex thoughts at the same time..

visit mine and you may feel the connection...

Ekam said...

Thanks and I'll be there soon:)

People do miss these moments and life in them.

Sugar Cube
Thanks dear:)

Thanks. Keep visiting:)

Hmm..point to think about.

I shall. Definitely. And welcome again:)

Sure. I would:)

kasabiangirl said...

Nicely written Ekam :)

Best of luck with your new work and stay happy :)

Ekam said...

Thanks Kasabiangirl :)

Rohini Prasanth said...

Thoughtful post.. My first visit here.. i blog hopped from a friend's blog.
Let me compliment you on your cute blog, and hearty wishes for your new journey.

No one else might see the world in the exact same way as you do at the exact same time, but believe me, everybody goes through that phase one time or the other.

That you are taking time to sit and reflect on your perception of things happening speaks volumes of your clear headedness.. Keep it up. Good luck to all your dreams.

Ekam said...

Thanks a lot:)

Dhanya said...

Best of luck with your work :) I'm sure you will enjoy it. There might be butterflies in your stomach at first but then you will start loving the financial independence...

Take care dear.. :)

Ekam said...

I hope so too. Thanks Dhanya :)

Jaunty anima said...

this is we call it gal...wish u all the luck...njoy d journey called life..
nice blog visit bak...!!
n u jst won a nu follower in me..:)

Ekam said...

@Jaunty Anima ... Thanks:)